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Benefit Auction Fundraiser for Freedom Service Dogs Foundation

Colorado Charity Auction for Veterans and Service Dogs

Colorado Auction House’s CO Charity Auctioneers: Colonel Bryce Elemond and Colonel Paul C. Behr

On Friday, 9/19/2013, I attended a Benefit Auction for a non-profit called “Freedom Service Dogs Foundation.”  It  is primarily set up to  give a trained  dog to a veteran with disabilities and help that veteran with daily tasks, such as , opening doors, picking up keys that are dropped, turning on/off lights, helping a veteran get up from a fall and the list is endless. The dogs that are found are rescued from a shelter and go into a training program that lasts from 7 to 12 months. It is intense training, but  the results are astonishing. The  foundation is completely non-profit and only stays going on the generous  donations made by  people that care for its veterans. The cost is tremendous in the training aspect and  is at a staggering cost of $25,000 per dog to be trained.

Last year, the foundation raised enough for one veteran to get a dog. This year, however, the foundation made a goal to be able to give two veterans a dog. That means  at least $50,000  needed to be raised for the event.  The foundation last year did not have a professional Auctioneer. This year, though, the foundation reached out to  Paul C. Behr and asked him to assist in raising the money necessary to achieve their goal.  Paul met with some of the chairs of the board and they devised a method in which to come up with the much needed funds.

The  Auction was held at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Littleton, Colorado. They had music and  hors devourers.  The event was a invitation only and drew a crowd of about 150 people.  Denver Broncos Wide Receiver  Eric Decker and  his wife Jessica were in attendance. The Decker’s are loyal fans for veterans as Jessica’s father is a Colonel in the USAF and ready to be promoted to Brigadier General. They wanted to help with this foundation and have opened their own  non profit called Decker’s Dogs.Org

There was a silent Auction with  items that were donated.  There was an artist by the name of Devin Montagne  from Littleton, Colorado. He painted a picture of one of the service dogs name Gander. His  painting was auctioned off for $5000.  Eric Decker stepped up and offered 4 tickets to any home Bronco game with a sideline pass to watch the Broncos  on the field while they warmed up before the game.  Paul got the bidding off and the war was on! He was able to get three people to bid  $6,000 each so Eric said to sell all three  bidders the 4 tickets. That came to an amazing $18,000 total for his effort.

With all of the items that were for auction sold, the final tally just for the 45 minute auction that Paul C Behr orchestrated, the total came to $67,650 . The final amount for the silent auction was not known, but the people that attended this auction made  a huge impact for at least three veterans who will have the opportunity to get a trained dog to help them with their daily  lives!

The Colorado Auction House thanks Freedom Service Dogs Foundation for their outstanding work in the community.  When you need professional fundraising auctioneers for your Colorado Fundraising Auctions, please hire our caring charity consultants and benefit auctioneer specialists from:

Colorado Auction House,

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