Colorado Auctioneers’ Insurance Information:

Chautauqua Colorado AuctionsEach Colorado Auctioneer is an independent contractor.  Each Auctioneer is responsible for caring their own applicable insurance, if any.  If special event insurance is required, generally it is furnished by the organization booking the auctioneer.

Colorado Auction House is not liable for the actions of independent auctioneers and/or independent contractors.  Each auctioneer agrees to defend and hold Colorado Auction House, Auction Results LLC, and associated owning companies harmless against any claims not limited to but also including Errors and Omissions, General Liability, Injury, Care Custody and Control and loss.

Each client is hereby notified to contract directly with the contract auctioneer and Colorado Auction House only acts as the referring talent broker.  Each of our successful auctioneers, as independent contractors, may have affiliations outside of Colorado Auction House.  Likewise, we do not hold responsibility for the actions or conduct outside of this website.  If misconduct is suspected, please report to our management and an executive will respond accordingly.  So far, so good, knock on wood, we have had no complaints and would like to keep our good track record, but mistakes happen, and at Colorado Auction House, the customer is generally right.

Each Colorado Auction House affiliate auctioneer has proven to be a diligent study, proficient auctioneer, specialist and in good standing with the community.  We look forward to serving your needs as Colorado Auctioneers.