About Colorado Auction House:

Chautauqua Colorado AuctionsMotto:  Help a new customer daily.

Slogan:  Our network of auctioneers auction the earth and almost everything on it.

History:  We were founded by a fifth generation American international businessman to serve the Colorado community.  Our Great Grandfathers and mothers moved to Colorado to start new lives.  Our goals are to offer excellent quality auction services to our Colorado neighbors and give back to the community.

Training:  World Wide College of Auctioneering in Denver Colorado, Certified Auctioneers Institute (Ongoing), National Auctioneers Association

Future Outlook:  Colorado Auction House is growing with every satisfied customer and thankful family.  We are excited about providing professional auctioneers, appraisals, and strategic wealth management consulting.  We love working with people to solve problems and find economic solutions with the proven method of auction marketing.  The Colorado auction industry sells billions on the auction block every year.  We are here to provide an honest, level platform where buyers and sellers can reach fair market value with the help of our Colorado Auctioneers. Noting is more important to our team of Colorado Auctioneers than customer service and satisfaction, making sure that the time, effort, and money you spend with us is well invested to bring you the best auction experience possible.

Thank you for choosing your local,

Colorado Auction House.